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Human sexual behavior Sexnews

Human sexual or sexual behavior is a combination of mental reactions. Anal Sex. attitudes and actions associated with the manifestation and satisfaction of a person’s sexual desire.

Sexnews porn watch. Sexual behavior is one of the forms of interaction between individuals and is a practical realization of human sexuality, being one of the options for social behavior. A person’s actual sexual behavior does not always coincide with their sexual orientation. fucking porn

Although human sexual behavior is closely related to reproductive function, however, unlike the sexual behavior of animals, it is determined by the social development of a particular personality.

Therefore, human sexual behavior is relatively independent of his reproductive function. fucking porn

Human sexual or sexual behavior is a combination of mental reactions, attitudes and actions associated with the manifestation and satisfaction of a person's sexual desire
Sexnews sexual

Etymology and semantics

The word sex was first used in English in 1382 when translating the Latin Bible into English.

In this famous translation by John Wycliffe, the text from Genesis 6:19, which deals with Noah’s ark, contained the phrase “The maal sex and femaal.” Here the word “sex” was used in the meaning of “sex”, “species”, “race”. Sexnews

Until the end of the 18th century, the word sex in English was used in the meaning of a separate group, including a sect, religious group, party, caste, etc. Only in the 18th century the meaning of this word is narrowed down to the process of sexual reproduction.

At the beginning of the 19th century, the word “sexuality” appears, which includes not only physical but also emotional manifestations. Sexnews

In English, the first use of the word “sex” in the meaning of coitus was recorded in 1929. fucking porn

German sexologist Erwin Heberle, when describing the concept of “sexual behavior”, identifies three levels of its understanding, which replaced each other over time. Sexnews

sexual behavior is a combination of mental reactions attitudes and actions associated with the manifestation and satisfaction of a persons sexual desire 1
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sexual behavior is a combination of mental reactions, attitudes and actions associated with the manifestation and satisfaction of a person's sexual desire


Platonic love

The first among the extragenital forms of sexual activity is platonic love, which is a close (love) relationship between two people, not accompanied by sex in the narrow sense of the word.

Sexual life can be limited to this form due to the impossibility of intimate relationships in a couple due to the age of the partners or their state of health, or in the absence of mutual desire of partners to genital contacts. However, in most cases, this form is transitional, love relationships entail other types of sexual activity. Sexnews

Emissions are natural, involuntary, occurring most often during sleep (often accompanied by pleasant dreams) eruption of seminal fluid in boys and men. May occur with prolonged sexual abstinence.

Masturbation is a form of an individual’s satisfaction of sexual desire by stimulating his own erogenous zones or erogenous zones of a partner. Basically, masturbation is associated with irritation of the so-called unconditioned erogenous zones, which include the genitals, but other erogenous zones (anus, mammary glands) can also be stimulated. fucking porn. Sexnews

Fingering is a method of achieving sexual arousal for a woman and her sexual stimulation by placing a finger on the external genitals, clitoris, vagina, or on the anus of a woman (man).

Fingering is performed by an individual or a hetero-homosexual partner, representing a type of masturbation that does not include stimulation with an object other than the finger and male masturbation.fucking porn

Petting – getting an orgasm by stimulating various erogenous zones (kissing, hugging, stroking, joint rubbing of the genitals, etc.), with the exclusion of the sexual intercourse itself. Petting can be shallow or deep. Sexnews

Oral-genital contacts

With oral-genital contacts, sexual arousal and satisfaction is achieved by caressing the partner’s genitals with the mouth or tongue. Oral-genital contacts can both complement other forms of sexual activity, and be the only form of sexual relations between partners. There are several types of oral-genital contact:

Cunnilingus is the sexual arousal of a woman by acting on the clitoris and vulva with her lips, tongue or teeth.
Fellatio (blowjob) – impact on the penis with the mouth, tongue, teeth or throat.
Anilingus – stimulation of the anal area with the tongue or lips.
Irrumation – the implementation of active movements of the penis into the oral cavity and pharynx of the partner.
Teabagging – the placement of the scrotum by a man in the oral cavity of a partner Sexnews

Sexual activities with animals. Bestiality

Man’s pathological attraction to animals, obtaining sexual satisfaction from sexual activities with animals, is called zoophilia. The objects to which the sexual attraction is directed in such situations are usually domestic animals: goats, sheep, horses, dogs, etc. A person in zoosexual contacts can act as both an active and a passive partner. blowjobs

Studies show that sexual contacts with animals in modern society are quite common, with female zoophilia prevailing, mainly in the form of the influence of the language of an animal (dog or cat) on the genitals

There are many classifications of human sexual behavior. The traditional division into “sexual norm” and “sexual deviation” is accepted in religions, legislation and psychiatry. At the same time, there is a change in sexual norms over time.

Thus, the same sexual practices in some historical periods may be considered acceptable, while in others they may be classified as sexual deviations or even prosecuted. This means that not every sexual behavior that is considered legal and considered a medical norm is morally acceptable in a particular society. Similarly, not every sexual behavior that is considered sinful is prosecuted, and not every criminalized sexual practice is a sexual deviation. Sexnews Japanese


Pornography (from ancient Greek πόρνη “prostitute; fornication” + γράφω “I write, draw, describe”; πόρνη <πέρνημι “sell”) – display of sexual behavior in literature, images, sculptures, films, etc. in order to cause sexual excitation; according to one of the definitions, “the erotic is outside the artistic.” The word pornography originally meant any work in literature and art depicting the life of prostitutes. Sexnews blowjobs

Since the very definition of pornography is subjective, it is almost impossible to articulate its origins and development. Throughout the history of mankind, pornography has been and is still subject to restrictions and prohibitions by state and church authorities. The line between condemned and hidden pornography and erotica, which is much more acceptable, usually reflects the changing moral constraints of a particular society. fucking porn

In many contemporary Muslim communities, “pornography” refers to films and television programs that are not objectionable in the West. On the other hand, in ancient Greece and Rome, images of phallus and orgy scenes were widespread, although these images are unlikely to have the same goals as modern pornography. Nevertheless, pornography has a number of significant differences from eroticism. Sexnews

origin of the world

Differences from erotica

A distinction should be made between pornography and eroticism. It is typical for pornography:
obscene, vulgar and immoral depiction or verbal description of sexual intercourse (s) in order to achieve sexual arousal
deliberately focusing on the genitals of the participants during their sexual acts with a detailed description of the latter; Sexnews Japanese

lack of an image or description of a person’s emotional experiences and his natural sexuality fucking porn
instilling stereotypes of deviant behavior: sexual permissiveness, licentiousness, irresponsibility and cruelty.
Erotica, however, is “an instinct of procreation, refined and presented as a spiritual attraction.” In art, eroticism “serves as the embodiment of the spirituality of human sexual relations” Sexnews blowjobs
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